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Aug. 23, 2022

Episode 26: The Resiliency of U.S. Marine Corp Veteran Alundas Havens

Episode 26: The Resiliency of U.S. Marine Corp Veteran Alundas Havens
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THE Wartime Leadership Podcast: The Resiliency of U.S. Marine Corp Veteran Alundas Havens. Alundas served as an Operations and Training Chief with the Marines where he oversaw and coached 200 Marines on a daily basis. He overhauled the entire Customer Service Department making massive changes to better operate. Now, located in California, Alundas is the CEO and Founder of The Winners Paradigm Consulting Company. In this capacity he coaches clients on recalibrating their mindset and fostering techniques to help people transition their mindset. He is the host of a podcast, The Winners Paradigm (thewinnersparadigm.com/) and a moderator for Alpha Podcasts.

During this episode, Alundas walks us through his definition of Spiritual Resilience how his leadership perspective has changed while serving in the Marines to now helping industry leaders change their perspective. Alundas served honorably but experienced a lot in life. From his father having a child right after his own daughter was born to feeling underappreciated by those around him. He stands firm on transactional method of leadership even within his family.

Aludas’ book recommendations:

The One Thing by: Gary Keller ( https://amzn.to/3R08DZl )

The Wim Hoff Method by Wim Hoff ( https://amzn.to/3wobxPM )

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