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The number one indicator for success in life is…

You guessed it … resilience. This podcast delivers it fully. Every time.

Phenomenal Podcast

An amazing wealth of information coupled with the heart of leadership & hospitality. Nathan invites you into a proverbial living room/coffee table to learn from and experience some of the top people in their fields. Amazed and inspired by the Invasion Min. Group . Looking forward to digging into so many of the conversations. This show is a great example of where business, passion and purpose come together.

A Must Listen!!

I highly recommend Wartime Leadership podcast as a phenomenal resource. Nathan brings guest that share their life story of overcoming obstacles, technique, and strategies to help you personally and professionally get to that next level.


Absolutely LOVE this Podcast! Nathan has a gift for asking the right questions and bringing on the best leadership experts! Inspirational and educational listen!


Nathan does a great job focusing on the spiritual domain. Oftentimes that goes over looked, but Nathan is genuine with getting his guests to share what spiritual resilience looks like to them. When you need something to get you motivated on a run or a drive down the road, tune into this podcast!

Awesome podcast

I listen every morning. It’s balanced and straightforward. Keep up the great work!

Great podcast

Amazing Podcast I love love love this podcast and this is my first review for anyone podcast.

Incredible Podcast

I had the opportunity to be a guest on this podcast, and Nathan was an amazing host. He asked the right questions that dug deep into the topic we were covering. Absolutely amazing!

Love this podcast and Nathan!

This podcast is amazing! I love the questions Nathan asks and I love the topic of spiritual resiliency. He had great things to say and awesome guests!

Absolutely exceptional

One episode in and I’m already hooked. Nathan has an incredible way to navigate the conversation so it’s always engaging, thoughtful, and full of wisdom. He has a deep sense of reflection that allows him to chime in at the right moments and share his own journey. Can’t wait to see where he goes on this journey! MSgt Josh White - HeroFront Podcast