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May 31, 2022

Episode 14: The Resiliency of Branding Expert Antoinette Logan

Episode 14: The Resiliency of Branding Expert Antoinette Logan
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THE Wartime Leadership Podcast: The Resiliency of Antoinette Logan (@askmslogan) is now available! Antoinette is a multi-faceted media professional. She is an international author and is based out of Atlanta and Chicago. Ms. Logan has rocketed through the branding and marketing field to becoming the owner of several companies before her most recent venture called the Altered Image Agency. She has been an on-air radio personality, media correspondent, and successful recording artist building her brand to mega level and allowing her to use her vast network into a branding company for many well-known corporate accounts. Driven by traumatic life events, Ms. Logan completed her certification to become a life coach. Finally, Ms. Logan has put her thoughts on paper and written two books, “Cutting The Cost in Business” and her latest book “It Starts With I”, available at https://bit.ly/ItStartsWithI

During this episode, Antoinette takes us through her definition of Spiritual Resilience and how it manifests in her life. Ms. Logan talks to us about how she “created herself” after living through a painful past landmarked with dysfunctional relationships, absentee parenting, and no solid support system to speak of. She explains to us how she developed her strong personality through years of raising and rebranding herself throughout the pivotal years of her childhood. Ms. Logan helps us understand her leadership perspective and how it has been formed and cultivated through different levels of organizations and how hard it is to raise leaders, not employees.

Antoinette’s book recommendation:

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene The 48 Laws of Power: Greene, Robert: 8601400945018: Amazon.com: Books

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