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May 10, 2022

The Resiliency of THE Renaissance Man, Jeff Rasley

The Resiliency of THE Renaissance Man, Jeff Rasley
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THE Wartime Leadership Podcast: The Resiliency of THE Renaissance Man, Jeff Rasley. From leading Himalayan mountaineering and trekking expeditions to kayaking solo through the Micronesian island chain of the South Pacific, Jeff has ALMOST literally done it all. He is a lawyer, fiction and non-fiction author, Seminary graduate, nonprofit director for five organizations, North American hitchhiker, father, husband, and a professor of philanthropy at Butler University.

During this episode, Jeff walks us through his leadership philosophy and how it has developed throughout various changes in his life. He uses his art of storytelling to walk us through the most frightening time in his adventures and how he overcame and pushed through using his Spiritual Resilience. From playing football for what People Magazine called “the worst team in college ball” to being admitted to the Indiana, US District Court and the US Supreme Court bars, he has lived the life of 12 people.

To purchase any of Jeff’s book or to find out more visit his website at: https://www.jeffrasley.allauthor.com/

Jeff’s book recommendations:

1984 by George Orwell 1984: Orwell, George: 9791280035356: Books - Amazon

You Have To Get Lost Before You Can Be Found by Jeff Rasley You Have to Get Lost Before You Can Be Found: A Memoir of Suffering, Grit, and Love of the Himalayas and Basa Village: Rasley, Jeff: 9781696951869: Amazon.com: Books

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