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April 5, 2022

Episode 6: The Resiliency of Lt Craig Legates

Episode 6: The Resiliency of Lt Craig Legates
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THE Wartime Leadership Podcast: The Resiliency of Lt Craig Legates is now available! Craig is currently the Crime Scene Unit Commander for the Dorchester County Sherriff’s Department near Charleston, South Carolina. He has served in several positions within a few departments within the state of South Carolina. He has served as a patrolman, patrol shift supervisor, made detective in 1997, and was the criminal investigations division commander supervising detectives, narcotics, crime scene investigations and the victim’s advocates, and finally serving as the Tactical Team Commander of the Emergency Services Unit, more commonly known as SWAT. Craig served as the Director of Risk Management and Safety for the county before returning to the Sherriff’s office to his current role.

During this episode, Craig takes us through his definition of Spiritual Resilience and how it manifests in his life on and off the job. After almost 30 years in law enforcement, Craig is transitioning into the mental health field. His passion is in dealing with first responders and their families as they navigate the stigma of mental health. Craig has been working for years to normalize things like de-stress briefings. He continues leading change as he transitions out of the first responder community, not just for the responders but the families they go home to. He discusses with us how normalizing mental health awareness is vital within the community. Craig discusses the “moment” he realized he was suffering and was not maintaining the spiritual pillar and sought fulfillment of that need.

Lt Legates has an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education and Training, Master of Arts in Social Science concentration in Criminal Justice from the Citadel and graduates this May with a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling from Charleston Southern University.

Craig’s book recommendation:

I Love A Cop: What Police Families Need To Know by Ellen Kirschman

https://www.amazon.com/Love-Cop-Revised-Police-Families/dp/159385353X0003076: Amazon.com: Books

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