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March 22, 2022

Episode 4: The Resiliency of DJ Kev White

Episode 4: The Resiliency of DJ Kev White
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The Wartime Leadership Podcast: The Resiliency of international recording artist DJ Kev White is now available! DJ Kev has recorded and DJ’d in over 90 COUNTRIES!! He started out DJing almost 15 years ago while attending college at Alfred State and hosting the #1 show for 90.7 WETD. DJ Kev has worked with the likes of Busta Rhymes, Ne-Yo, and Young Jeezy. During this episode, DJ Kev While takes us through his definition of Spiritual Resilience and how it manifests in the songs he blends into a canvas of musical art. He takes on the journey of his lifetime and how a kid from Jamaica, New York was hired to become the official DJ for Disney Cruise lines and guest DJing on Disney’s Private Island. At, what Kev thought was the height of his music career, he started having internal struggles with God on what he was called to do. While DJing is a sole individual gig, there have been opportunities for Kev to lead and he walks us through this journey. Kev is now based out of New York, New York and is flown worldwide to perform at private events and is a pioneer in Virtual Reality DJ clubs. https://kevwhiteentertainment.com/  Kev’s book recommendations: The Prophet’s Manual The Prophet's Manual: A Guide to Sustaining Your Prophetic Gift: Eckhardt, John: 9781629990934: Amazon.com: Books And David Perceived He Was King And David Perceived He Was King: Mast, Dale L.: 9781498430609: Amazon.com: Books Like and share today’s episode on all social media outlets. This show's episode is brought to you by SuccessDraft.com where we help turn your dreams into drafted plans. Visit them at http://www.successdraft.com Be sure to follow us on: Instagram: Wartime_Leadership Twitter: @WLeadershop Facebook: The Wartime Leadership Podcast All episodes are available at http://www.thewartimeleadershippodcast.com and http://www.wartime-leadership.com A special thanks to the second half of the show's talent, the show's producer Geoff Fraser from 369 Studio Designs (369sounddesign.com) --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wartime-leadership/support

Special thanks to the second half of this team, Geoff Fraser with 369sounddesign.com. He wrote both the intro and outro music and has taken on the task of producing each episode. Thank you for your friendship and mentorship as we take this journey together.